Emu EggsEmu Eggs!

We are engaged in providing highly nutritious Emu Eggs to our clients. Emu eggs have high nutritional content, low cholesterol and high protein. These are sourced from high breed Emu bird and available in bulk quantity. We offer Emu Eggs, which are mainly procured from high breed Emu birds.

The Emu Egg had many fascinating features. Not only it is deep black and larger than most eggs out there compared to other egg laying animals, but it is also designed to be stronger than most other eggs. The main reason for this is because of the harsh conditions these animals and eggs in nature.

Benefits of Emu Eggs!

Art has been expressed using many different mediums over the centuries, but none is more delicate than that of the Emu eggshell. The very nature of this medium requires great care be taken lest hours of work be destroyed.

The Emu eggs you will see on this site are all real Emu eggs. The outer layer of the Emu egg is a green so dark it is almost black. Removing that layer reveals a center teal or light green section.

Going further into the eggshell we reach a pure, beautiful white. Besides having these three distinctive colors, the center (teal) section has as many as 7 different shades or layers.

Because of the variations of color and texture inherent in the Emu egg itself, each carved egg will be unique and make a distinctive addition to any decor or collection. If you are looking for a "different" housewarming gift, birthday present or other special occasion gift, a Carved Egg by Pondview Emus will keep them talking about your gift for years to come.