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Our Emu Farm is a leading suppliers and exporters of Emu Chicks, Emu Meat, Emu Birds in India. For the time we have started into the world of EMU Chicks Farming. Emu chicks are raised and being sent to the processing begins. The emu meat is sent to a meat-processing plant. The fat is separated from the skin, ground and melted into a form of crude emu oil. EMU's are no natural, and do not adjust to body temperature.

It is the second largest bird in the world by height. This soft-feathered, brown, flightless, ratite bird reach up to 2 metres in height. They reach full size after around six months. Emu bird is native to Australia and can survive in any climatic conditions. They are about 10 inches tall at birth, with black and white stripes. As 3-month-old chicks, they turn nearly solid black and finally changes to brown and black mixtures as adults. The mature emu is 5 to 6 feet tall and normally weighs 90 to 120 pounds. Emu Birds are well known for their meat, eggs, feather, empty egg shells, toe nails and others. These birds are very essential for profitable emu farming.

Benefits of Emu Farm!

You will need an individual farm plan for your new enterprise. When drawing up your plan, consult information about stocking densities, facility requirements and any legal requirements or codes of practice. Visits to other emu farms can give you a variety of ideas.

If you are going to breed emus and conduct intensive rearing, you will need to provide egg handling, storage, incubation and hatching facilities as well as a brooder house for chicks and rearing pens for young birds.

If breeding and rearing free-range emus you will need extra pens to allow females to be removed while the male is sitting on the eggs. This will also keep broody males isolated from other birds. Interference by other emus can result in egg damage and chick loss. Under free-range systems, additional pens may be required so that the chicks remain isolated from other older birds.